Fascia Board Soffit Repair

Fascia Board Soffit Repair In Alabama

In most cases overlooked, soffit relates to the eave (or overhang) of your roof and is crucial in protecting your MD home.  Adequately installed soffits produce air flow to ventilate your attic, drive out moisture content, protect against mold and mildew build up as well as extend the life span of your roof.
Soffit vents are notably significant in colder weather conditions where roofs are covered with snow for long periods of time and eventually become prone to trapped moisture.
When it comes to these types of environments, top quality soffit installment will be able to increase the life span of your roof covering as well as wood decking.

Fascia refers to the vertical edge of the roof.  It hides the rough edges of your soffit and supports attached gutters to ensure additional weather and moisture protection.

At .Roofing Repair Ecperts we offer a wide range of styles, colors and materials.   This variety allows you to match soffit and fascia to your MD home’s exterior.

Here are some reasons why having fascia (in good condition) is the best option:

  • Fascia provides a layer of strength to help stabilize the gutter.
  • Fascia allows a place for the soffit to attach and close off the attic space
  • Soffit is vented which prevents winter ice, water from entering the home, and keeps the home cooler in the summer months.
  • Open rafter without fascia get screwed into the end grain of the available wood which is not as strong as screwing it into the perpendicular wood of the fascia board (more strength and stability when you are able to screw into grains of wood that run horizontally.
  • Open rafters with no fascia often allow for insects and animals to find their way into your home.