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Maryland has many weather changes from cool mild temperatures, Hot and Humid summer days and nights to cold ,freezing and icy winter days and nights,  all of which can cause problems  to your MD Homes roof ,


Most homes in MD have  asphalt shingles installed on them Although popular, this roofing material has some disadvantages. Some of them include durability, and damage from heat and wind.


Wind can give you problems if you have asphalt roof shingles. Strong winds can uplift or tear them off easily. Tree branches blowing in the wind can also easily damage your MD homes asphalt roof shingles.


Maryland is prone form time to time with  strong winds, So you will should  to make sure you prune tree branches near your home.

If you have Asphalt shingles on your Maryland homes roof you will


need to no that Moisture could cause problems,

 you may have mildew problems because of the excess moisture. Your asphalt roof shingles may also start to rot if they are located in damp, shady areas of your roof.


Even though we discuss that the most common roofing material on a MD home is Asphalt one disadvantage of asphalt roof shingles is their durability. You can easily find roofing material that will last 40 or 50 years. Asphalt roof shingles will only last 20 years at the most. After that, you will have to install a new layer of shingles.


Roof damage can occur in any season in MD although it is more likely in heavy rainy days , Or After a snow storm has left several inches of snow on your roof, Or during a summer thunderstorm with high winds ,

Roofing Repair Experts of Maryland has been repairing and replacing roofs for over 35 years , We have over 100 years of roofing repair experience and provide discounted roof repairs to our Maryland Clients.

Most minor leaking MD roofs are due to a faulty shingle or a faulty seal on a vent pipe or chimney flashing ect.  These problems can easily be fixed and most of them for as little as $179.00 Dollars ,

We offer FREE ESTIMATES so rest assured no work will be performed before we discuss the full roof repair or replacement process.

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